Őrség Fair

No doubt, the Őrség Fair is the event that made the region well-known. The initiative came from the Őrség Friendship Association. 
By now the first Őrség Fair program brochure has become a rare relic. The original name of the festivity was Őrség Days.
During the three-day program series visitors get an appetizer from everything: sports and cultural events, theatre and concert performances, art exhibitions. In these days ten thousands of people visit the Őrség. 
The Őrség Fair has given an incentive to the tourism of the region, and it is enlisted amongst the big fairs of the country. It is held in the last weekend of June every year. 
Művelődési Ház Őriszentpéter
Phone: (94) 428-022

Völgyhíd fair (Viaduct fair)

The Völgyhíd Fair was first organized in 2001. The owner of idea, the organizer and implementer of the fair has been the mayor ever since. 
The new fairs try to follow the good tradition, only quality folk art products can be offered on sale and each time the local values shall be presented in the programs. 
Every 5 years there are special events during the fair, when the ex-patriots return to their birthplace. On these occasions relatives, old friends, school mates and acquaintances meet again. The organization costs little money but common efforts make it more valuable and important. 
Németh Istvánné, mayor
Phone: (30) 235 0895

Tökfesztivál (Pumpkin Festival)

An outstanding touristic event of the West-Transdanubian Touristic Region.
It is a real family happening for young and old alike, full of cultural and art programs, competitions. 
The central figure of the whole day is the pumpkin in various forms; a colourful parade of dishes made of pumpkin, competitions and exhibitions, election of the pumpkin king, pumpkin carving and finally the march with pumpkin lanterns.
Information: Régiófókusz Kht.
Phone: (94) 500-354 

Hétrétország (Seven-fold country)

A ten-day long festival in the Őrség region, an outstanding touristic event of the West-Transdanubian Touristic Region.
As the name suggests, visitors enter a virtual land and roam around in the Őrség region. 
The program abounds in music, theatre, literature and movie. Apart from these, a special `genre` is represented, the `visitation`. Old village houses and farms receive the visitors, in the visiting hours to the craftsmen’s workshops and studios of artists. They are invited not only to watch and listen, but also for a good chat with the hosts.
Some of the programs overstep country borders and land in Slovenia or Austria.
Őrségi TeleHáz, phone: (94) 548-038

Természetesen Őrség (Őrség naturally)

Organic weekend: autumn summary of the summer. 
This is the place where the guards of the region’s specialties are gathering.
During the fair of organic products not only ancient methods, products and tools are on display, such as buckwheat, spelt, traditional fruits, native organic medication, but also ideas for future vehicles and buildings.
Őrségi TeleHáz
Phone: (94) 548-038 

9942 Szalafő, Templomszer 21.

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